$57.00 AUD

Design Your Family's Tech-Use Agreement (and reduce conflict over screens!)

Need support to wrangle technology use in your home without banning devices or throwing the modem off the Harbour Bridge? Feel like the technology genie is out of the bottle and not sure how to stuff it back in?

Learn a straightforward 5 step strategy to negotiate (not dictate) technology boundaries in your home, build better communication, and get reconnected to the stuff that really matters.

Conflict over device use and not knowing how to reset habits causes many parents huge stress as we learn to navigate healthful technology habits for the first time in human history! By embarking on this 90-minute webinar you can take back control and re-align to your values.

What you'll learn:

A 5-step process for creating your family tech-use agreement, including a 40-page workbook that will take you through the process!

⭐ Principles of change management to help get collaboration and buy-in to behaviour change.

An understanding of digital practices and trends of young people and why their online spaces are so appealing, compelling and sometimes 'addictive'.

Examples of ways to place healthy limits on technology (social media, app and game) use not founded simply on limiting 'screen time' but wholistic solutions to being intentional with online activities.

How to align boundaries with technology to your family's values and offline activities

What's included:

90-minute video session you can watch and pause as you wish

⭐ 40-page playbook to support you through the process

⭐ A monthly group check-in call with Jocelyn where you can submit questions or ask them live (a video of the monthly session will then be sent to you).

What happens next?

You will get an email with the course contents and resources.

For any issues email: [email protected]